A Christmas Gift for You, Son
By Jaime Siman

Words?... They won’t convey!
Money?… it does not buy love, truth or wisdom!
Gadgets and toys?... what do they have to do with Jesus?
My love?... you don’t understand it.

One day morning will break, and you shall see!

In the mean time,
guard your heart.
In the mean time,
judge not what belongs to Him alone.

In the mean time,
this is my prayer…
that you will know the riches of truly living for Him.

In the mean time,
may you number your days before they are gone.

In the mean time,
may you not underestimate the power of a life lived for Him.

In the mean time,
may you under a mortal’s shadow never live:
Only under the Almighty’s one!

Healing?... It flows from Him.
Life?... He is life!
Peace?... Only in Him!
Meaning?... Only when surrendered at His feet!

My prayers for you?
You don’t know them, you don’t hear them.
But He hears!
May your heart be tender, from bitterness free,
by self not absorbed for you are truly loved.
By whom?
By Him! And that is enough!

While by close ones disapproved;
imperfect but in Him justified and loved,
seeking to provide guidance,
filled with greater wishes for you…
you have not understood!


Your father
December, 2010