Reflections on the Son of God
By Pastor Jaime Siman

The booklet "Reflexiones Sobre El Hijo De Dios" (Reflections on the Son of God) was born from the need to present the deity of Jesus in the Spanish language, in clear terms, but also in the power of the Scriptures. The material is presented in appealing fashion, with drawings, and in an easy to read format.

Many naïve souls fall pray to cults who seek salvation through works, denying the saving work of Jesus on the cross, and His deity. The man or woman that is exposed to the light of the Gospel with a clear presentation of the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, will be better protected from any cult, entering into the kingdom of God, enjoying eternal life and a precious freedom. The booklet offers the plan of salvation and an opportunity for the reader to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The material presented in the booklet is useful for training, evangelization and edification. The gospel is reaching various places in Mexico, Central and South America through this booklet.

To read full book in Spanish click here.

Here are a few comments we have received.

From Chile “you have no idea the number of people that have been converted through this book, young and elders, others have returned to the Lord and started to fellowship again, it has really been a great blessing”
From El Salvador "I thank God for placing in your heart this spiritual desire to write through such small booklet such great message, for everyone and in such simple language, so that we all can understand the great power of God. May God continue using you so that you may continue to reach all the brethren, workers as well as professionals, everyone!"
A pastor from Bolivia"It (the booklet) is excellent and I learned more about the deity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many thanks. We would need more, many more copies… could you please send them?"
A Christian worker in Perú"There are many sects like the so called "Jehovah Witnesses" and… Mormons. The first ones deny the deity of Christ and the second group has little or no regard for the work of the Savior at the cross. That is why the booklet is powerful and of interest in the midst of so much deception and lies. Thanks be given to the Lord"
A judge in El Salvador is distributing the booklets at Christian outreaches his organization conducts in several hotels in the country. One of the lawyers ministered with the booklet wrote the following: "…it (the booklet, i.e.: the Biblical teaching in it) constitutes a strong and true fundament for those of us who have started to walk in Christ Jesus. It takes the many bandages off our eyes"
A Pastor Director of a School of Ministry in Mexico“your work in the books is excellent, we assigned the reading of the book to our students in the School of Ministry… they are each writing an 8 page report on the book”