What We Believe

We believe there’s one true, living God, eternal, existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, equal in power and glory. This triune God created everything, sustains all things, and reigns over all.

We believe the Scriptures of Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, inspired in their totality, inerrant in their original manuscripts. They are the infallible foundation to the Christian faith and practice.

We believe in God the Father, an infinite and personal Spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power and love. He’s mercifully concerned with the affairs of mankind; He hears and answers their prayers; He saves from sin and death all those who come to Him through Jesus Christ.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God, begotten, not created, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. We believe He lived a perfectly sinless life. We believe in His miracles and teachings, His atoning death as the propitiation for our sins, His bodily resurrection, and His heavenly ascension.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who comes forth from the Father and Son to convict the world concerning sin, righteousness and judgment; to regenerate, sanctify and empower all those who believe in Christ. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Jesus Christ, being a Helper, Teacher and Guide, who remains with us forever. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, and in the use of all biblical gifts of the Spirit.

We believe all peoples are sinful by nature and will, and are therefore under condemnation. God regenerates by the power of the Holy Spirit those who repent from their sins, and confess Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that Jesus baptizes with the Spirit all believers who ask for His supernatural power to serve Him, and to be His witnesses, exalting His name on the earth. This baptism occurs frequently in the believer after regeneration.

We believe in the universal church, which constitutes the body of Christ on the earth. We understand that all regenerated by the Spirit become members of His body, Christ being the head of the body.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ delivered two sacraments to the church: 1) Water Baptism and 2) the Lord’s Supper. We believe in the personal and visible return of Christ to the earth, to establish His Kingdom. We believe in a bodily resurrection, a final judgment, the eternal blessedness of the just, and the eternal suffering of the unjust.