Man: His Origen and Destiny
Jaime Siman
 "The truth will set you free"
Jesus of Nazareth

The book “El Hombre: Su Origen y Destino” (Man: His Origin and Destiny) on the subject of Creation / Evolution is a power tool that presents the light of the gospel starting from the beginning, our origin. Many people think we are the result of a big explosion that occurred billions of years ago; which through random events yielded the order we see in the universe, including the arrival of man.

The lie of Evolution has impregnated all Latin America. The book “El Hombre: Su Origen y Destino” exposes, in its first half, this lie under the light of reason and science, while showing that the model of Creation is a much more reasonable one to accept.

This section comes with beautiful diagrams and sketches presenting the subject in a clear and dynamic way. The second half presents the Biblical account of origins offering the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an opportunity for the reader to accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Jaime Simán, Director of The Word For Latin America, is available to conduct seminars and presentations on the subject. He has a science background, having earned a Master degree in Chemical Engineering. He has also worked in the Research and Development departments of well know corporations, including Westinghouse Electric and Baxter Healthcare, where he has received various awards for his technical contributions, including eight patents for his inventions. And more important, as a lover of Jesus Christ, a student of the Scriptures and a pastor, he gives a clear presentation of the Word of God. And in the Word of God, and His Spirit, there is power to break the darkness, demolish the barriers, and raise the spiritually dead to a new life in Christ.

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Some Comments Received
"Students of Calvary Chapel Bible Institute in Lima, Peru, were blessed and encouraged in their faith through the recent introduction of Jaime Siman on Creationism, entitled" Man: His Origin and Destiny. " A person in the audience said to have obtained the tools I needed to defend their faith to the humanistic philosophies of their professors. "
John Bonner, Director, Calvary Chapel Bible Institute Lima, Peru.

"The enthusiasm has been very high among participants who were able to remove the veils of doubt and confusion created by listening to many evolution theories ...
Your book 'The Man: His Origin and Destiny' has been a source not only of education but a great blessing, and directly the deep truths of the Bible and to have the answers to many questions that the world ask us.
Thank you, thank you for giving us this treasure.
"Fausto Pflücker, Jr., Pastor El Camino Fellowship California, United States.

"Jaime Siman showed excellent technical and analytical ... in the area of Research and Development. He was not only a Development Group Leader and Project Leader but also an inventor and / or development of new materials, designs and processes "
Donald E. Bobo, Vice President
Corporation between group "Fortune 100"